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December 2018. pp. 622-633

Chinese cabbage grown during autumn season is confronted with drought conditions for a certain period, especially during the early growth stage. In this study, we investigated the effects of drought stress on plant growth characteristics, as well as free amino acid, carotenoid, and proline in Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage seeds (Bulam Plus) were germinated, and all the seedlings were transplanted into plastic containers (28 ㎝ diameter × 22 ㎝ high) containing a commercial growth medium. The soil water content was measured and maintained at 10% for the drought-stressed plants and at 30% for the control plants, for three weeks. The results revealed that plant growth parameters were lower in the drought-stressed plants than in the control plants. The total free amino acid content tended to decrease in both drought-stressed and control plants with time. The total free amino acid content was found to be lower in the drought-stressed plants than in the control plants and the proline content was unaffected. Moreover, at three weeks after treatment, carotenoid content in drought stressed plants was significantly higher than that in the untreated plants. We believe that our study makes a significant contribution to the literature because the effects of drought stress on plant growth parameters, free amino acid, carotenoids, and proline accumulation in autumn growing cultivar of Chinese cabbage have not been widely studied in Korea, and our study provides valuable information in this regard, as Chinese cabbage is consumed throughout the year in Korea.

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