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2018 Vol.31, Issue 6 Preview Page
December 2018. pp. 695-703

Previously, we have reported a plant extract isolated from Lysimachia foenum gracum Herba as a new environment friendly biopesticide that has the mycelial growth inhibition effect on Magnaporthe oryzae, the pathogenic fungus of the rice blast disease. For the finding of additional biopesticide candidate, we tested the mycelial growth inhibitory effects about 700 species of plant extracts on PDA media. Among them, the extract of Anemarrhena asphodeloides showed prominent inhibitory effect of which IC50 was 139.7 ㎍/㎖. Mycelial radii of M. oryzae were measured on PDA medium containing the four organic solvent fractions isolated from total extract from A. asphodeloides. Ethyl acetate fraction showed the impressive inhibitory effect of IC50, 54.12 ㎍/㎖. In the subsequent rice field test for the total extract of A. asphodeloides, we obtained encouraging 62.0% control rate of rice blast disease without any phytotoxicity. It is almost equivalent to that of chemical pesticides implying the applicability of the extract as a new biopesticide. In further study, the analysis of active ingredients of the extract would be necessary for the development of a new biopesticide and for the verification of cellular mechanism by which the mycelial growth of M. oryzae inhibited.

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