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August 2021. pp. 278-286
Blanca, J., C. Esteras, P. Ziarsolo, D. Perez, V.F.N. Pedrosa, C. Collado, R.R.D. Pablos, A. Ballester, C. Roig, J. Canizares and B. Pico. 2012. Transcriptome sequencing for SNP discovery across Cucumis melo. BMC Genomics 13:280. 10.1186/1471-2164-13-280
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  • Journal Title :Korean Journal of Plant Resources
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  • Volume : 34
  • No :4
  • Pages :278-286
  • Received Date :2021. 05. 13
  • Revised Date :2021. 06. 14
  • Accepted Date : 2021. 06. 17