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1 December 2021. pp. 536-541
Alagawany, M., Y.A. Attia, M.R. Farag, S.S. Elnesr, S.A. Nagadi, M.E. Shafi, A.F. Khafaga, H. Ohran, A.A. Alaqil and M.E. Abd El-Hack. 2021. The strategy of boosting the immune system under the COVID-19 pandemic. Front. Vet. Sci. 7:570748. 10.3389/fvets.2020.570748
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  • Publisher :The Plant Resources Society of Korea
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국자원식물학회
  • Journal Title :Korean Journal of Plant Resources
  • Journal Title(Ko) :한국자원식물학회지
  • Volume : 34
  • No :6
  • Pages :536-541
  • Received Date :2021. 10. 15
  • Revised Date :2021. 11. 09
  • Accepted Date : 2021. 11. 14